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LED guide ligtr

Holds-2 full strips ofTSO® staples-shoots over 1500 staples per charge

Introducing Arrow's new innovative quality tool, the CT50™. More thahr just a sleek, light weight design, this cordless wonder is a rugged, heavy duty staple gun that'appeals to everyone, from the do-it^fourselfer to the contract.

tfe lightweight lO.Sv lithium-ion battery guarantees more poWer, while firing up to 1500 staples orr a single Charge, its unique "on-board"

battery design maintains perfect balance for increased control and accuracy.

ifil ultra-bright "LED'guide light" will light any surface with precision positioning of the staple location. The adjustable "depth of drive" control jets you perfectly fire each staple to the desired depth. : Unique to the CT5S™ this tool ho® two full strips of any of the six Arrow T50®, staple sizes saving, time on the project.

Alftthis, and more, in a well thought out. economically designed, professional tool that wifl make any project faster and easier for both the pro and do-it-yqiirselfer. The additional endless list :of features will ensure a,professional finish to: every project;:

Figure A Exploded View

Figure B Slat Location

Figure C

Arm and Back Rail Assembly



Figure F Back Seat Slat

Figure E Front Leg

Figure D

Cross Section

Figure G Lower Back Rail


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