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Super-Sized Excalibur Scroll Saw

The new Excalibur EX-30 scroll saw is finally here. It's identical to the EX-21 except bigger. It boasts a 30-in. throat and has a large 14-in. x 32-1/2-in. table. A larger table means better support for your work and the deep throat gives you more swing for larger projects. Of course, the EX-21 also has lots to offer with a 21-in. deep throat and a 13-1/2-in. x 23-1/2-in. table. Both saws have 2-in.-thick stock capacity and feature Excalibur's famous parallel link drive system that keeps the blade moving in a near-straight up-and-down motion.

Angled cuts are accomplished by tilting the head (top photo) rather than the table. If you've ever done a lot of scrolling on a tilted table, you can imagine how nice it is to keep the stock flat while cutting.

Excalibur's lifting arm feature makes blade changes and pierced cuts a snap (bottom photo). Power, speed and blade tension controls are all within 2-in of each other and right up front where you want them. Blade changes and adjustments are all tool-free. The machine's designers have even thought to include a series of holes in the base to hold blade storage tubes. Source:

General International, www.general.ca, EX-30 Scroll Saw, $900; EX-21 Scrollsaw, $750.

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