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If you're planning on building all three Adirondack furniture projects shown in this issue, you'll be using almost 300 flathead screws. (Check the supplies list with each project for the exact number and size needed. Always buy extra screws.)

Woodsmith Project Supplies is offering both brass and zinc-plated flathead screws. If the screws are countersunk and left exposed Oike we did on the redwood furniture), we recommend brass screws that won't rust. If you plan on counterbor-ing the screws and filling the holes, use zinc-plated screws..

The brass screws all have a Phillips drive. We're offering the zinc-plated screws in Phillips or Recex drive. The Recex screws can be driven with either a Phillips or a square drive bit or screwdriver. (Note: For driving Recex screws, it's best to use a square drive bit. So we're also offering a square drive bit to be used with an electric drill. This bit is for power driving only.)

We're offering the screws in bags of 25 and 100. Each bag contains screws of one particular style and size. We cannot mix screw types or sizes in a bag.

Brass Phillips Screws No.8xlW\ Flathead •769-215 (Bag of 25) $2.95

No. 8x2". Flathead

Zinc-Plated Phillips Screws No. 8 x 1W, Flathead

Zinc-Plated Recex Screws No. 8x1 W.Flathead

No. 8x2", Flathead

Square Drive Bit

• 756-314 Square Drive Bit for

Recex Screws $1.00

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