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I noticed in "Master your Mortiser" (AW#128, May 2007) that the mortise chisel's opening is facing front, toward the woodworker. I turn my mortise chisel opening to the left, so that the chips fall into the previous plunge, when cutting left to right. This prevents any clogs and keeps the chisel running cool.

Kevin Greene

Tip From A Scrounger

On sharpening mortising chisels ("Master Your Mortiser," AW#128, May 2007), I have a relatively fine, cone-shaped stone that exactly fits my chisels' shape and curve. I chuck its metal shaft into my drill press and touch up my chisels' faces with it by hand. I inherited this stone from my father, but 1 have no idea where he got it. He was notorious for scrounging stuff like this from all over the place. Do you know who mighL make one?

Wayne Shellock

Any ideas, readers?

Good idea, but I always face the chisel's opening towards the front so the chips don't fill the mortise. Works for me. -Tim Johnson

Drill Speed Gotcha

In "Lithium-Ion for the Woodworker" (AW#129,July 2007) your description of the 10.8 V Bosch Pocket Driver stated "Its single speed is too low for drilling most holes," Please check your specs. This drill is a variable speed drill/driver, i find this to be a very versatile tool, and it is certainly a worthwhile addition to most anyone's shop.

Hill Wilson

You're right, the Pocket Driver is a variable speed drill, but its fastest speed is well below a typical drill/driver's. Most drill/drivers have two speed ranges: fast for drilling holes and slow for driving screws. You can certainly drill holes with the Pocket Driver, it's just a bit tedious. -Dave Munkittrick

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