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The writer presents a well detailed summery of the major headings. As a professional in this field, I must say that the points shared in this manual are precise.

I give this ebook my highest rating, 10/10 and personally recommend it.

Health Risks From Wood Dust

Also, wood dust may contain allergens and toxins such as pesticides, fungi (molds) and chemicals which can trigger allergic reactions. (Many tropical hardwoods can be especially irritating, and Western red cedar can cause allergic asthma.) A dust collector fitted with highly efficient bags will be able to capture much of the dangerous dust down to 5 microns, so this is your best form of protection from the general problem of dust. If you have particular allergies or severe reactions to wood dust, try augmenting your dust collector with a recirculating air filter (see main article), or a PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator), also known as a dust helmet. (See aw 33.) The best of these can filter out dust down as small as 0.03 microns.


Some woodworkers have immediate allergic reactions to the chemical extractives in mesquite dust. Others develop the reaction over time. Always wear a face mask and use a dust collection system on your power tools. A tew of my woodworker friends in Texas didn't take this concern seriously and they've had to give up woodworking because of allergies they developed over the years. Mesquite dust can sometimes cause an allergic reaction, so wear a dust mask and use dust collection on your power tools.

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A shop filled with dust is more than just an annoyance. Breathing in wood dust can create some long-term health risks to your lungs and respiratory system. On top of this, certain types of wood dust (like walnut) can cause an allergic reaction in some people. These are all good rea-


Flatsawn zebrawood is very unstable and will warp and split. Use rift or quartersawn only, checking it carefully for cracks. To avoid tearout, sand or scrape instead of planing. Some people develop respiratory allergies to this stinky wood, so wear a good mask.

Allergy Relief

Allergy Relief

Have you ever wondered how to fight allergies? Here are some useful information on allergies and how to relief its effects. This is the most comprehensive report on allergy relief you will ever read.

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