Blade Stiffener

Make all your blades cut better and quieter with a blade stiffened O 4"...$21 Q 5"...$24 { 6"...$25

Off Blade

FORREST DADO-KING: 6"-12" Unmatched Precision on Every Dado Cut!

The Forrest Dado-King gives you flat-bottomed grooves and no splintering—even when crosscutting oak plys and inelamine. This award-winning set comes with six 4-tooth chippcrs (including 3/32" chippcr), two 24-tooth outside blades plus shims. Cuts 1/8" to 29/32" grooves.

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Protects and holds up 10 D sex J***

II) blade*. Shipped wi.h 8" set $289 $260 6-. »■ or 10- n*io Sco. 10" set $349 $314

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