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DeWalt Benchtop Tablesaw by Joe Hurst-Wajszczuk

DeWalt's DW477 10-in. benchtop tablesaw sets a new standard for woodworkers like mc who depend on bcnchtop machines as their primary workhorses. Its power and accuracy closely approach a stationary contractor's saw, yet it's portable for jobsite duty. Add in features like a unique telescoping fence that cuts up to 24^2 ¡n* wide, and you'll find that working with a bcnchtop saw is no longer a compromise.

Setup took about fifteen minutes, and blade alignment to the miter gauge slot and the fence was right on. Smooth controls make it easy to adjust the depth of cut and bevel angle, and I like the cam adjusters for setting the 45" and 90* bevel stops.

Compared to the rudimentary fences on other benchtop saws, the DW477's fence is a joy to use. A rack and pinion system engages the front and rear rails to ensure that the fcncc stays parallel to the blade. A large adjustment knob allows you to "dial in" a setting, and you can trust the clear, easy-to-read scale Versatile saw. Equally at home in the shop or on a jobsite, the DeWalt without having to use a tape DW477 delivers plenty of power with portability. measure. The telescoping rails extend to a maximum rip capac ity of 24'/¡2 in. (15'/2 in. to the left of the blade), yet tabletop. This means that the splitter moves up and with the rails retracted, the saw will fit through down with the blade, always staying close and helping doorways—that's real versatility. When the fence is to prevent stock from pinching. Optional accessories extended beyond the tabletop, a flip-down ledge helps include a folding stand ($100) and side work-support support wide panels. rails ($80).

The saw comes with a 10-in., 24-tooth carbide blade, The only downside for me is noise and weight: The which made surprisingly smooth crosscuts with no sig- DW477's universal motor is a screamer, and at 64 lbs., nificant splintering when cutting oak plywood. But I'd the saw is heavier than most other saws in its class, recommend using a top-rated combination blade for Overall, the DW477 sets a new benchmark for best results with this saw. (Sec page 64.) As for power, bcnchtop saws. Whether you're looking for a jobsite the DW477 had no trouble ripping 1-^-in.-thick oak saw or a primary shop saw, the DW477's combina-

or plowing ^j-in.-widc dadoes. tion of power, portability, and precision is hard to

Other noteworthy features include an oversize paddle beat. (Street price: $559) DeWalt Industrial Tool Co., switch that you can find without groping, and a pow- Dept AWT, Box 158, Hampstead, MD 21074, (800)

der coating on the aluminum top that won't stain your 433-9258. Circle #619 stock. The guard is an improvement over those of other saws, since it mounts to the motor housing instead of the Joe Hurst-Wajszczuk works wood in New Jersey.

2625 Beaver Avenue, Des Maries, IA 50310

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