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PRECISE, versatile, and easy to use arc the words which he» describe the NEW INCRA T-Rule. it us a combination square for marking or measuring Ihats simultaneously set to everv scale position with perfect, instant accuracy Why?... Because like all INCRA RULES. we've pot micro-fine marking holes ami slob ai every scale line lo Instantly locale your sharp penal or scribe exactly on targei with zero uncertainty and no eye strain!

When accuracy counts ... INCRA RUIES! Available in 6*. 12' and 18" lengths. Patents pending To learn mort ahoui tfiK e\irai>rdiiur> lioe <ii precision Marking Ruin. Bend Rule* anil T-Rulc». cafl. write, or fax: Taylor Design Croup. Inc. P.O Box 810262. Dallas. TX 75381 Tel: (972) 484-5570 Fax: (972) 24.V427T


Source Hardwood Veneer Association. Re

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