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Maxi-Combo's chamfered raker teeth virtually eliminate chipping.

Ultra-Cut's 40" top bevel slices the outside edge* of the kerf first for chip-free cuts in ^ 2-sided \ laminates, ^fl


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You've seen the rave reviews of Jesada Tools' router bits, now take a look at what editors of the leading woodworking magazines say about our blades. They've tested our blades and dado set against the best on the market and they're convinced. Now you can take advantage of our great prices and convince yourself.

Here's what the editors of Amencan Woodworker sa»d when they gave their "Editor's Choice* Award to our 8' Dado Set:

Excellent in oak veneer plywood cross grain.

* * v * * Excellent in Melamine-faced particleboard

A Course In Wood Turning

A Course In Wood Turning

Ever wondered what wood turning is all about? Here are some invaluable information on how to make beautiful items out of wood! That one little strategy from A Course In Wood Turning that I implemented not only worked, but the results were completely astonishing. I had never seen anything like it! Now, keep in mind that I had tried a lot of other products up until this point. You name it, I probably tried it! That’s how desperate I was to improve my skills with wood turning.

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