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Property adjusted infeed/outfeed tables can go a long way toward snipe reduction A low-friction stainless steel base, in combination with these adjustable infeed/outfeed tables, gives you a large smooth surface for moving stock through your planer

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The Laguna Tools New ~ 18Bandsaw.

TN/WhP Diamond Machining Technology, Inc.

Marlborough. MA 1-800-666-4DMT


Quickly sharpen router bits and shapers on DMT Diamond Whetstones™ and:

A shop with just 10 router bits can save $1,600! For detailed information, circle the reader service number.

Eliminate Grinding Service Cost and Excessive Carbide Removal Extend Tool Life 5-7 Times Enjoy clean cuts - no burn marks!

HEGNER - the Better Scroll Saw

Multimax 22v

New Yankee Workshop Table Saw Station
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