A simple exterior hides handmade mitered dovetails by Robert Treanor

The old clock on the wall said it was 8:45- An hour later, the old clock on the wall said it was 8:45. The time was obviously right for a new clock on the wall.

This small, elegant wall clock fills the need nicely, and it can just as easily be used on a shelf. It is based on an original made by Brother Isaac Newton Youngs of the New Lebanon, NY, Shaker community. Brother Isaac learned clockmak-ing as a youngster from his uncle, Benjamin. He continued making clocks after he joined the Shakers in 1807—and he also kept extensive journals, which arc treasured by historians today.

My version of Brother Isaac's clock offers two techniques that put your hand skills to the test. First is the blind mitered dovetails that join the case. Second is the mitered sticking on the frame-and-pancl portion of the door. Til address cach of these techniques in sidebars on pages 60 and 63. In the main text, I II discuss general construction. The drawing on the opposite page gives the dimensions you'll need to build the clock.

Materiale da cot

Keeping time. This simple-looking clock conceals strong, elegant joints that will challenge your hand-tool skills.

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