I have a paint mixer that (according to the instructions) fits into my power drill. But I had an even better idea: I chucked the mixer into my drill press so I wouldn't have to hold the drill.

While mixing a gallon of latex paint, I thought I should lower the mixer a bit to let it stir up the paint on the bottom of the can. That was my big mistake. The can spun around violently, and almost the whole gallon of paint flew all over me, my shop, and just about every tool in it. Next time 111 follow the instructions.

—John Piatt Perrysburg, OH

How much veneer In a year?

The U.S. and Canada produce an estimated 3.5 billion sq. ft. of sliced hardv/ood veneer* each year, enough to cover both countries 17 times.


The second annual Furniture Society Conference, which will be held June 25-27 in San Francisco, will join design philosophies from the worlds of high art, studio furniture, traditional crafts, and academia. The theme of this year's conference is

"East Meets West," referring to design influences from the Far East—chiefly Japan and Australia.

For details on the 1998 conference, write or call The Furniture Society, Box 18, Free Union, VA 22940, (804) 973-1488.

New ideas.

Samples of experimental wood finishes are displayed during last year's Furniture Society Conference.

Buying a Tool?

Check American Woodworker Online tool reviews first

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The Complete Guide To Wood Finishing

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