HEGNER Scroll Saws are better because they are smoother, faster and easier to operate. Thousands of HEGNER owners, as well as major woodworking publications, agree that HEGNER saws offer many advantages over all other brands.

TYy one yourself and discover the benefits:

■ clean, accurate cuts with no sanding

■ easy blade change

■ smooth quiet operation

■ safety-stop upper arm

■ space-saving design

■ 6 year warranty j j Send me FREE information on Hegner Scroll Saws !

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HEGNER makes it better!

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Probably the best 18" BANDSAW ever BUIUl

Compare to other manufacturers:

/ 3 IIP motor / Heavy-duty cast iron trunion / Dynamically balanced cast iron flywheels ✓ Heavy duty fence / Foot brake ✓ Rack-and-pinion adjustment of upper guide / European-style guide bearings ✓ Optional mobility kit

/ Optional heavy-duty miter-gauge / 12" resaw capacity / Tension indicator / Excellent dust collection

2265 blguna Carruw Road Laguna Beich. CA 926$ I

I Lee Valley l/xtrVMfcv

Lee Valley Tools and Veritas® Tools, the manufacturing arm, bring you a selection of products from their full-color 252-page catalog.

As Veritas Carpenter's Gauge

The Veritas* Carpenter's Gauge was specifically designed to be earned in an apron or pocket It is Ixxh a diiect-reading compass and a marking gauge, two things that carpenters frequently need hut find hard to carry. This tool has a rotatable head, which locks vertically for use and horizontally for storage and tip protection. It is direct reading, both for radius and diameter, in inches and centimetres. It is useful in a cabinet shop because of the direct-reading feature, which substantially reduces errors, as well as for the fast comer radiusing. Made of brass, stainless steel and high-impact ABS, it is 7Vi" long overall, and will scribe circlcs up to 12" diameter. AW414 Carpenter's Gauge $14.95

Scribe the demred width

Scribe the demred width

' radlu* from intersection

' radlu* from intersection

A Tape for Cabinetmakers

A customer recently wrote to say, in essence, "Why can't you sell a decent 10-foot tape that I can slip in my apron pocket without it weighing me down? Everything you sell is long, wide, and heavy. I want something slim, light, and handy." Here it Is and, better yet, we offer it in right-to-left reading version (which we call a "right-hander's" tape) as well as the usual left-to-right reading version (a "left-hander's" tape). The vast majority of tape measures made today read from left to right, which is OK for just measuring, but becomes a major problem when a right-hander needs to measure and mark something; you end up either having to hold the pencil in your left hand or switching the tape to your left hand and then having to read tape markings that are upside down. The solution Is a tape that reads right-to-left. Then you can hold the tape in your left hand and mark with your right hand.

This tape Is perfect for keeping on the bench or in an apron and, at just over 212 oz, you hardly notice it in your apron pocket. So that left-handers can enjoy it also, we made it in a left-to-right reading version as well.

R AW417 RH Cab. V2"x 10' Tape $3.95 (right-to-left)

A Veritas Transfer/Log Scribe

The Veritas transfer scribe Is ideal for transferring the contours of one shape onto another. This is what makes it an ideal log scribe. But this also makes it an ideal carpenter s scribe as well. It can translate that not-so-straight. 100-year-old wall profile onto a cabinet panel, letting you get a perfect match. With a maximum capacity of 12", it is calibrated so that any opening can Ik* used once the double bubbles are set for a given pin and pencil projection. The rotatable double-level post can Ik- adjusted and locked in any


Umed vcrtica»y ae a log ecr.bc

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