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Unique Catalog Fine Woodworking Handtools

Hand loots you ne\er thought eviUcd! The) 're unique and ( ^o^iS^

high quality. Tliouxands shown. 114 pages .

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yes, *c'll gi\e you a free spokeshase on your first order nf S50.00 or more and keep you on our mailing list for future catalogs.

Catalog cost $5.00.


Measuring Miters

Measuring accurately to the inside corner of mitered pieces is a pain because your tape has nowhere to grab. The Veritas Miter Hook solves that problem by providing a convenient slot to align the tape and a magnet to hold it securely so you're free to read the tape at the opposite end of the piece. Proper registration is assured by two steel pins that position the tape slot precisely at the mitered corner. Miter Hook measures outside corners equally well and also lets you mark a reveal for door and window trim. (Price: $6.95) Lee Valley Tools, Dept. AWT, Box 1708, 12 E. River St., Ogdensburg, NY 13669, (8()0) 871-8158. Circle #616

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