ancc ensures that V\\ be able to open and close the drawers easily, or even withdraw them completely. I often place a drawer on my bench so I have full access to its contents.

Top off your workbench with 3 in. of maple. As shown in the drawings, the top will overhang the base on all four sides and give you a solid holding place for clamps.

To attach the top, 1 used counter-bored bolts that fasten to captive nuts in four end-assembly legs. Wooden plugs fill the counterbores and the leg holes I drilled for the nuts. I admit that this anchoring method amounts to overkill.

An easier approach would be to register the top to the legs with l-in.-dia. dowels. You can be sure the weight of the top will prevent it from lifting oil. A

ROBERT WHITLEY'S home arid shop is located outside of Philadelphia, PA. For more on his work. see page 76.

Clue and screw side to rabbet in front.


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