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To Irani more about l\< RVs extraordinary NEW line of precision Mark inj» Protractors, Marking Rules. Bend Rules. T-Rute. and Centering Rules call, write, or fax:

Tavlor Design Group. Inc.

P.O. Box 810262, Dallas. J\ 75381 Tel: (972) 484-5970 Fax: <972» 243-42"^ F.-MaiI: Tlx;incra0AOLcom circle no 73 on pfloouct wkwmation form

CV*XE no 79 on proouct ^formation form


¿1st century Marking Protractor has micro-fine gukk? holes at even l5? 30t 22.5? I? and 0.5° interval to ploi any angle with ease and absolute accuracy A nn'lal T-Bar and see-through cnis?4iairs provide perfect alignment againsi the edge of jour workpiece. Remove the T-Bar to work on flat surfaces or io use the (>' centering scale RX R angle scales, indmling one for marking narrow stock, suit every need It s easy on the eyes, incredibly accurate, and just plain fun lo use! Patents pending

W1LKE machinery company

3230 Susquehanna Trail. York, PA 17402

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