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The Bridgewoodworkers' Edge Begins With The Right Tools

The Bridgewoodworker's edge begins with the right tools designed and priced for the serious woodworker

BW-002A Dust Collection System-PortMe. compact, seif-ccmlitmat 435-valfon cajxuity, two 4 hose Mets

Bridgewoodworkers take pride in their work. They know the value of having the right tools for the job. Wilke Machinery Company offers a full line of woodworking machines and power tools that are designed for any job. Bridgewoodworkers also know that one of the most important purchase decisions is from whom you buy. TheWiike sales staff pays special attention to customer support while offering competitive prices. The Service Department ensures your continued satisfaction with in-stock parts and technical know-how.

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TSC-10C Tabic Saw 10-brch. hit arbor, l-lf2" H P motor, dust collection hookup, ant iron extension wings, magnetic on-off twitch

I1W.1SP I'ljncr profusion┬╗*/ design with rnwitw taNc atta stationary cuttcrlu\rd, 3 knife eutterhrad with inek sc rc?v ( adjustment

BIV^R W Jointer

45-1/2' adjustable tabic with mirror smooth finish.}-knife cutterheaJ with iackscmo ailju*t merit, fence tilts inward and outtixtrd to 45 degrees

Wood Working for Amateur Craftsman

Wood Working for Amateur Craftsman

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