John Kelsey

is a writer and occasional woodworker in Connecticut.

Beautiful blocks. The author's boxes look like sleek-sided blocks of wood until you pivot open a stack of storage trays. Watson makes five-and eight-layer versions.

I enjoy the challenge of creating jewelry boxes with as few 90" angles as possible. So many of the boxes you see in galleries and art lairs are square and boxy, and I want mine to be distinctive.

But it can be tricky to break out of the basic box. I spent weeks experimenting with angles, dimensions, and joinery before I came up with the design shown here. A geometry professor might describe it as a five-sided polyhedron, but I prefer to call it a trapezoid because that's what it looks like from the front. As you can see in the photo above, I make the trapezoid box in two different sizes- one with eight trays and one with five trays. I he dimensions provided in the drawing opposite are lor the five-tray trapezoid.

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