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The D4 Dovetail Jig

Create through, half-blind and sliding | dovetail joints with the D4 Jig

At the center of the Leigh Router Jig System is the amazing 24" D4 Dovetail Jig.

Create through, half-blind and sliding dovetails with infinite adjustment of joint spacing and lightness of fit in wood up to 1 '/i" thick.

Add the F1 Finger Joint Template for an incredible range of square or unique rounded finger joints from '/i" down to a tiny l/u". All infinitely adjustable for fit with the Leigh Variable Guidebush System (VGS).

With the Multiple Mortise and Tenon Attachment you'll rout perfectly snug rows of multiple mortises and tenons, in virtually any layout you can imagine, and in material from Vi6" to l'/2" in thickness.

And finally, the world's first organically-shaped interlocking joints are easy to cut with our NEW Isolocâ„¢ Templates. Three different Isoloc templates create six unprecedented joints that are imfmsible to cut by hand. And again, you have complete control of joint tightness with the VGS.

Precision, strength and beauty are the hallmarks of every Leigh joint. Create them all. from the dovetail and beyond with the world's best router jig system.

Create 6 Isoloc Joints with the II Joint Templates

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