• Ajustable, uniform clamping pressure on all corner* • Great for wide cabinet frames (for center or edges) • Forces a frame into jxrrfccl square • Almost NO capacity limitation, shins with 23 ft. reel of steel banding ! • Aluminum & Steel construction

REG. $39.95 SALES2495

1/4" Shank Carbide Tipped

Cove Bit Set

Thk production aualih set induite 4 (im? Bits: < 1/8" R, 1/4" R. WR. 1/2" R>.

$65 \ndwclva\ly..5ALt Ot

ITEM #1426 REG.

Solid Brass Router Inlay Set

Makes perfect fitting recesses and Inlays!

Easy Co use inlay kit follows a 1/4" thick pattern template of almost any shape to produce the reoss. Fits Porter Cable*, Black & Decked or any router with an adaptor for Porter CaMe bushings Kit indudes 1/8" solid carbide downait spiral bit. brass bushing, brass template guide, brass retainer nut & instructions.

$35.95 SALE$2195

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