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With your choice of fences. 3 or 5 hp motor, single-phase or three-phase.

with or without LVC switches More options than you can shake a stick of cherry at And now you can multiply everything by two. Two blade tilting options give you 26 different configurations of Unisaw:

We invented it And today we can provide parts for almost every Unisaw built since 1937. Sixty years of performance and serviceability is quite a track record. Which brings up the most important option of aJI. A saw with the Delta name, rather than a lesser machine.

Have it your way Introducing our new Left Tilt Unisaw, (For the same pnee as our standard right tilt.) Delta is the only manufacturer to offer this option without charging a premium Choose either a Biesemeyer * Fence or a Unrfencef Saw Guide and you've got the ultimate sawing machine.

Right Tilt Unisaw shown here Unifence Saw

Quality is not optional Every single arbor is flange-faced after assembly to reduce run-out An extra step that other manufacturers don't bother w/th

Both nght and left tilt saws start at $1599. But from now until March 31. 1998. Delta w»ll sweeten the deal by sending you a check for an additional $100. That makes it yours for $1499.

Choose your weapon.

Left Tilt Unisaw shown here with Biesemeyer Fence.

Yes. we're still making every Unisaw fight here «n the good of USA And we're still covering them with a full 2-year warranty.

Massive, widely spaced trunnions disperse vibration, machined steel motor and arbor pulleys won't over-Kont and expand lots of cast iron up top with T-slots for miter gage on both sides of the blade. A true workhorse.

Proud sponsors of The Now Yankee Workshop on PBS.

Choose from a full arsenal of Unisaws. Some 26 variations to be exact. Now there's a Delta Unisaw to fit everybody.

Call toll free for the name of your nearest Delta dealer. Delta International Machinery Corp., 800-438-2486. And visit our web site at vvww.deltawoodworking.com.


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