Midwest Dowel Works

4631 Hutchinson Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45248 513-574-8488

Same Day Servce/ Oder Betae Noon

Factory Otrecl' Satisfaction Guaranteed

Performax owners agree - no other competitor model can compare.

12257 Nicotiet Ave. So. Bumsvtlle, MN 55337 (612) 895-9922

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Only Performax offers eleven different models. Only Performax offers patented features and exclusive technology. And only Performax offers the opportunity to see a Performax demonstrated at 200+ dealers nationwide.

We are the sanding specialists. Whether your sanding needs are a few hours on the weekend or all day, everyday, Performax has the model to fit your budget and your needs.

Call us today, let's talk abrasive planing, dimensioning and fine finish sanding in your shop.

12257 Nicotiet Ave. So. Bumsvtlle, MN 55337 (612) 895-9922





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