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As a teenager, I loved to hang out at old Tony's cabinet shop. Tony was about 70 and had been collecting wood sincc his youth. One day I stumbled on a little ofFcut, nestled in the sawdust on the floor. This offcut was unlike any other wood I'd ever seen: When the sunlight hit it, the freshly planed wood gleamed like a rainbow in shades of red, orange, yellow, purple, and black. "That's cocobolo," said Tony. "You can have it."

I still have that ofFcut, and though it's now dark with age, I know the rainbow is just beneath the surfacc—all I have to do is plane it.


Cocobolo is part of the rosewood family. Its sapwood is a nondescript grayish white, but the freshly milled heartwood is a riot of color. On exposure to air and light, the heartwood slowly turns a subtler orangey-red with black streaks. It eventually turns a very dark red-brown with almost indistinguishable black accents.

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