Joint-Master Anti-kickback Dado Set It's the editor's choice!

The Joint Master * carbide tipped dado features outside blades with 24 teeth, six 4-wlng chippers, anti-kickback design and a 5/8" arbor. This package also includes a free Precision Dado Shim Set for thoso in-between cuts.

Dado Set Specifications:

Diam No of teeth No. of wings Arfcor Cutting width (blades) (Chippers)

Chipper dimensions:

Includes four 1/8*. one 1/16* & ooe 3/32* Ply-Groove™ Ch«pper

108-240S 8" Anti-kickback Dado Set

After Instant Rebate: '164.

Maxi-Combom and Ultra-Cur.

Get the finest cuts you've ever seen!

The Maxi-Combo' features our unique Chamfered Raker Teeth that virtually eliminate chipping in plywood and veneer. The Ultra-Cut ~ delivers chip-free cuts in two-sided laminates. That performance is the result of the 40* top bevel on the teeth, which slice the edges of the kerf before removing the bulk of the material.

The Cabinetmaker's Ultimate Blade Package:

Includes: Joint Master 8" Dado Set. 10Mx80 Ultra-Cut' & 10"x50 Maxi-Combo* Blades ,

110-333 fte/i

After Instant Rebate: *254.

There's more to than fine router

Does your saw seem a little underpowered?

HI Thhb'K^M bbdesI^HBwl

Our Thm-Kerf blades feature the same careful design and engineering as their star>dard-kerf counterparts, but with a thinner plate and tooth profile. We recommend the use of Blade Stabilizers (sold below) with thin-kerl blades

Specifications: (both Mitfn are 10' diameter with S/8m arbor) I

Item No. of Kerf Hook List Qo|p »_Teeth Width Angle Price

210-240 Thin-Kerl Ripping 24 .097' 20° $69.00 S58.65

210-500 Maxi-Combo Lite 50 097' 12" S79.00 S64.90 210-222

Both Thin-Kerf Blades $148.00 S99.90

SBS-005 dram, blade stabilizers (set o12>S25.20 $19.90

"Intended for cutting double-faced laminated stock. (the) Ultra'Cut circular saw blade also is great for cutting cabinet-grade plywood. . Chipping is virtually eliminated on both faces"

"The blade was noticeably {juicier than my other blades..." "In my miter taw. the Ultra-Cut pro duced superbly finished cuts in solid stock"

Dennis Preston. 1ilMffiOHKIIG

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