Vacuum Hose Diameter

Vacuum Resaw Jig by Daya Piyasena

Safe hands and slim slices. Suction from a shop vacuum holds the workpiece tight to the jig when you hp veneer, keeping your hands out of the danger zone.

Ripping small, thin strips on the table-saw is scary business. It's difficult to hold the stock securely, and your hands usually comc dangerously close to the blade. To make it safer to rip the small vcnccr I use on my jewelry boxes, 1 designed the jig shown here. It relies on the suction power of a shop vacuum to hold the workpiece securely as you run the jig and the work past the saw blade.

With a lO-in.-dia. blade, the jig can handle stock up to in. high and 3 in. wide. To adjust the distance between the jig's main fence and the saw blade, loosen two adjustable handles, available from Reid Tool (800-253-0421, part #KHA-120). Locate the two slots in the sub-base for the handles so the fence will zero into the blade, then rout the slots to 3^2 in. long.

A hardboard battle bolted to the fence caps any unused holes in the fence to maximize suction power. When installing the cover, put a dab of thread-locking


MAIN FENCE V4x7x 12 Drill i/4-in.-dia. holes through fence, 1 in. on center. - N

SUB-BASE 1/2x772x12


WOOD FRAME 3/4 W. X Va T. Glue frame to back of main fence.-

HEX BOLT 5/16-18 X 1

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