Epoxy Vs-in. metal rod into V2-in. maple dowel.

Belt-Sander Dust Hood

This attachment greatly improves dust collection from a stationary belt sander when connected to a vacuum. First, make a curved hood by cutting a piccc of 4-in.-dia. PVC pipe into thirds lengthwise with a hacksaw. Attach the hood to the guard on the machine with a hinge so you can flip it down out of the way when sanding long picces.

Herbert Akcrs Rockville, MD

machine of any size. If you don't want a hole through the ccntcr of the work, grind a point on the pivot pin and let the workpiccc rotate on that.

Mcrton Slutz Chattanooga, TN

Closet Finishing

I needed some way to apply finish to components in my shop and still keep working—and making dust. My solu tion was a pre-fab clothes closet that could be assembled and disassembled in less than five minutes and stored in a corner of the shop. The units come with a zippered door and rods from which you can hang small items while the finish is drying. For larger pieces, I strengthened the fabric floor with a square of pegboard. Anything really hea%y could steel shaft into the dowel. I then shape the dowel with a rasp, as shown, and run it somewhat slower—15,000 to 20,000 rpm. Stroke the surfacc of the carving with the burnishing tool and keep it moving constantly to avoid burning the wood.

Chuck Malven Bremerton, WA

Filing Flat Surfaces

The copper nail heads on a lapstrake boat are often uneven and need to be dressed down flush with the plank.

be supported on blocks underneath. Units 34 in. by 22 in. by 63 in. are available from Wal-Mart, Home Depot, etc., and cost around $25.

Chuck Steger Warrenton, VA

Carvers' Burnishing Tools

1 burnish my finished carving in order to polish and darken the wood. For small carvings, I chuck a short length of '/g-in. maple dowel in my flexible-shaft tool and nin it at high speed—30,000 to 40,000 rpm. For larger carvings, 1 use a piccc of l/^-in. maple dowel, epoxying a

Shape dowel with rasp.

Epoxy Vs-in. metal rod into V2-in. maple dowel.

But holding a file flat on the work is awkward. My solution was to bend the tang of the file in a metal vise and then make a wooden handle to fit it.

Robert Darr Sausalito, CA

Fastener Caddy

This is a handy way to keep a supply of similar fasteners—nails, screws, rivets, etc.—in one place but still keep them portable. 1 made the tray of V^-in. plywood and the containers of 2-in.-dia.

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