Basic Adirondack Chair

No piece of outdoor furniture conjures up an image of elegance and rugged outdoor comfort quite like the Adirondack chair. There are many variations of this American classic. This design features a straightforward concept and easy-to-work materials for a satisfying project that can be built in a day, yet provide years of enjoyment.

Vital Statistics: Basic Adirondack Chair

TYf^E: Adirondack chair

OVERALL SIZE 36V2W by 37D by 37V2H Cedar

JOIWE Butt joints reinforced with galvanized deck screws CONSTRUCTION DETAILS:

■ Largely square, straight cuts can be made with simple hand or power tools

■ Chair made entirely from dimension lumber

- Exposed screws throughout to enhance rustic appearance

FINISHING OPTIONS: Penetrating UV protectant sealer, exterior paint or leave unfinished to weather naturally to gray

Building time


Tools you'll use


- Jig saw or circular saw

0 hours

■ Drill/driver


■ Tape measure

1-2 hours

■ Combination square


■ Clamps

2-4 hours


2-4 hours


2-4 hours

7-14 hours

EH Galvanized deck screws (1V4-, 2-in.)

□ Finishing materials

3ae\c Adirondack Chair

1V4" galvanized deck screws, typ.

Basic Adirondack Chair Cutting List

2" galvanized deck screws, typ.

Basic Adirondack Chair Cutting List


A. Back legs

Size Material

B. Seat stretchers 2 lVax 3V2 x 23V2 in.

C. Seat slats

D, Back slat

H. Frontiegs

E. Back slats 2 3/4X3i/2x34

G. Back stretchers 2 3/4 x 3V2 x

1V4" galvanized deck screws, typ.

2" galvanized deck screws, typ.


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