Framestyle Sandbox Stepbystep

PHOTO A: Place the parts that compose each tier in position on your worksurface, alternating the CI Make the long seats. Cut the orientation of the butt joints around the tier. Attach the parts with countersunk 3-in. galvanized blanks to length, then measure deck screws. It's a good idea to wear gloves when working with treated lumber.

O Cut the 12 side tier pieces to length from 2x4 stock.

0 Make the three tiers. Align the side pieces of each tier. Form the four butt joints on the tiers so that one end of each side piece overlaps the next side piece, while the other end is overlapped by the side piece before it. Assemble each tier, using countersunk 3-in. galvanized deck screws (See Photo A).

PHOTO B: Saw the long and short seat pieces to length, then miter-cut the ends to shape, according to the drawings shown on page 43. A power miter saw makes this task easy.

PHOTO C: Set a long seat on top of two braces, and drill countersunk pilot holes through the ends of the seat piece into the braces. Use 3-in. galvanized deck screws to secure the parts.

and mark the shape of the ends according to the Long Seats drawing on page 43. Cut the ends to shape with a power miter saw.

O Make the short seats. Cut the blanks to length, then miter-cut the ends (See Photo B) to 45°.

0 Cut the eight braces to length.

0 Build four seat assemblies. Drill two countersunk pilot holes through the ends of each long seat, and fasten braces to the ends of the long seats with 3-in. galvanized deck screws (See Photo C).

O Assemble the sandbox. Stack the completed tiers on top of each other, alternating the direction of the corner joints. Position the seat assemblies over the tier corners. Drill countersunk pilot holes through the braces, and fasten the braces to all three tiers by driving 2V2-in. galvanized deck screws through the braces and into each tier (See Photo D).

0 Attach the short seats. Hold the ends flush with the outer face of the top tier. Drill countersunk pilot holes along the angled ends of the short seats, and fasten the seats with 3-in. deck screws.

Finishing touches

© Smooth the surfaces and ease corners and edges thoroughly with sandpaper, especially on and around the seats.

©Finish the sandbox with latex primer and two coats of paint (See Photo E).

ij) Position the sandbox. Line with landscape fabric to deter growth of unwanted vegetation. Fill the box with sand. TIP: You'll need about 8 cubic ft. of sand.

PHOTO D: Stack the three tiers with their corner joints alternating before installing the long seat assemblies. Secure the braces to the tiers with countersunk screws driven at every tier.
PHOTO E: Apply latex primer to all exposed surfaces of the sandbox, then follow up with two coats of exterior latex paint. We covered the whole box in a single color, but you could also create a multi-colored paint scheme instead.

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