Vital Statistics Porch Glider

Porch Glider Plan

TYPE: Porch glider

OVERALL SIZE: 27D by 59V4L by 35H

MATERIAL: Red oak i

JOINERY: Butt joints reinforced with dowels or screws CONSTRUCTION DETAILS:

■ Many parts of the bench constructed with dowel joints for ease of construction and durability - Bench suspended from stand by way of oak glider arms and pivoting hinges r.

■ Screw heads concealed with matching oak plugs FINISHING OPTIONS: Penetrating UV protectant sealer


Building time

PREPARING STOCK 1-2 hours c:sS

LAYOUT 3-4 hours


ASSEMBLY 8-12 hours

FINISHING 2-4 hours

TOTAL: 17-26 hours

Tools you'll use

Band saw

Power miter saw or circular saw Table saw Drill press

3/8-in.-dia. plug cutter


Doweling jig


Router with V4-in. roundover bit Wooden mallet Flush-trimming saw Wrenches

Combination square

Shopping list

□ Moisture-resistant wood glue

D (&) pivot hinges (available from Rockier Companies)

□ UV protectant sealer

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