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TYPE: Potting bench

OVERALL SIZE: 48W by 28V2D by 63V2H

MATERIAL: Cedar, exterior plywood, perforated hardboard

JOINERY: Butt joints reinforced with galvanized deck screws


■ Countertop outfitted with removable bar sink

■ Shop-made PVC plumbing system designed for garden hose hook-up

■ Cart outfitted with rolling casters

FINISHING OPTIONS: Cedar parts topcoated with penetrating UV protectant sealer, exterior paint or leave unfinished to weather hatu-rally to gray. Hardboard and exterior plywood finished with exterior latex primer and paint

Building time

Tools you'll use


Circular saw

0 hours

■ Jigsaw


■ Drill/driver

3-4 hours

- Clamps


- Combination square

2-3 hours

• Hacksaw


5-8 hours


3-5 hours

13-20 hours

Bench materials:

□ (2) 3/4 in. X 4 x & ft. exterior plywood (1) 1/4 in. X 4 X 4 ft. perforated hardboard (4) 2-in.-dia. casters

□ Galvanized deck screws (1V4-, 11/2-, 2-, 21/2-in.) Latex primer and paint UV protectant sealer

Plumbing parts:

□ Stainless-steel bar sink

□ PVC female adaptor

□ Hose thread to pipe thread transition fitting

□ Angled hose fitting

□ CPVC primer and cement

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