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TYPE Utility cart

OVERALL SIZE: 30W by 78L by 28H

MATERIAL: Exterior plywood, treated lumber

JOINERS Butt joints reinforced with galvanized deck screws


■ Dimension lumber and exposed screws for ease of construction

■ Notches in cart back and crosspiece for carrying tools

■ Broad wheel base for stability

• Large wheels for ease of moving heavy loads Over uneven ground

■ Handles cut into profiles at the ends to provide comfortably grip FINSSHING OPTIONS Leave unfinished or topcoat with penetrating UV protectant sealer or paint if cart is stored outside

Building time


LAYOUT ' 1-2 hours


^ ASSEMBLY 2-4 hours


2 hours (optional)

TOTAL: 6-12 hours

Tools you'll use

Circular saw Jig saw Drill/driver Drill press

Right-angle drill guide Router with V2-in. roundover bit Combination square Clamps

Shopping list

□ (1) 3/4 in. x 4 ft. x & ft. exterior plywood

□ UV protectant sealer

3" galvanized deck screws

15/ö" galvanized deck screws, typ.

1/2"-dia. steel rod; length is based on thickness of wheels

Cotter pins

1/2" washers

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