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Garden Bench

TYPE Garden bench OVERALL SIZE 24V2D by 59V2L by 36H



JOINERY: Butt joints reinforced with galvanized deck screws CONSTRUCTION DETAILS:

■ Wide seat and modestly angled back ensure comfort

■ Gentle contoured design on the back slats can be easily adapted to other shapes

- Exposed screws enhance rustic, outdoor appearance

- Assembly of three substructures-back, seat and leg/arn assemblies-simplifies construction

FINISHING OPTIONS: Penetrating; UV protectant sealer or leave unfinished to weather Naturally to gray i., . ' . ' if

Building time

>/J. PREPARING STOCK 0 hours ry, LAYOUT ^ 2-4 hours


2-4 hours

' ASSEMBLY 4-6 hours

FINISHING 2-3 hours

TOTAL: 10-17 hours

Tools you'll use

Circular saw or power miter saw

Jig saw



Combination square Carpenter's square

Shopping list

□ UV protectant sealer

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