Preparing Your Band

Youll find that a few extra minutes of fidgeting with your band saw will mean the difference between a fair cut and a great cut. Here arc a few tips for when your saw ism cutting as smoothly as you know it can.

♦ Clean the tires. Bumpy tires will give you bumpy cuts. Spin the wheel a few times, applying even pressure on the tire with an old piece of 120-gric sandpaper. This will remove the "crumbs" that get pressed into the tire.

Then wipe it dean with a rag (Photo

• Make sure the table is square with the hladc and the fence (Photo 3-3).

• Reset the cool blocks and bearing each time you raise or lower die guide.

Photo 3-1 Your box will look a bit rough when you cut the outer shape, but fear not! The best is ra to comc.

Photo 3-2 Clean band saw tire* will improve the quality of your cuts.

Photo 3-2 Clean band saw tire* will improve the quality of your cuts.

Photo 3'3 DouMe-cheddng for squareness now will save you Photo 3-4 A clean, lubricated blade offers less resistance when problems later. making thick cuts. 'Iliis rcduccs the chance of the blade bowing while you cut.


There usually is a small amount of play in the guide when you raise or lower and retighten it. This often causes a slight skew in your previous block or bearing adjustments. Thus, readjust them to keep them as close as you can to the blade without altering the blade path.

• Always keep your guide down as close to your work as possible.

• Use a sharp, dean blade. Good blades are elusive, so I've listed some blade sources in the appendix. A blade lubricant keeps the teeth dean a little longer. 1 regularly brush my teeth with an old toothbrush even it diere's only a little buildup on them, but then I'm finicky about blade hygiene (Photo 3-4).

• Test the tension. Your tension guide is a start, but all blades arc a little different. Practice on a piece of scrap before cutting into your project.

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