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Some people chink woodworking is just a craft and not an art. Not so! I've always felt that there's an artist that hides in the heart of every woodworker, waiting for that one inspiration to set it free. But in what form di>es inspiration come and where will it lead? Maybe its the magic of color and grain patterns fashioned by nature in wood that moves one to imitate its grace. Or ic could be something more humble—like one of those projects rhat didn't turn out quite right, but it was such a pretty piece of wood you dccidcd to save it; perhaps you "fixed" it into something completely differ-ent and were glad you spared it from the kindling pile. Inspiration is individual—it can appear in countless forms.

For me, inspiration is tall and green. All my lite I've loved to climb trees. Its impressive to feel the strength of a living object that bears my weight as if it was no more than the weight of a bug. Then a breeze brushes by and I

s\vav with the flexibility within that

strength. Up high, my perspective changes, first, at close range. I follow the form of the sweeping branch upon which I sit, or the flutter of a leaf, the sprouting of new growth, a snake posing as a vine. Beyond the leafv crown, dis-

tant things appear motionless. But soon my eye catches and follows movement: contours of the landscape; the river ribboning back and forth among valleys and hills; die metamorphosis of a cloud; and bc-

vond my field of vision but within

imaginations range, the crcaturcs that materialize and vanish amid the peaks, valleys and froth of ocean swells and surf. Shapes and motion everywhere! You can see now that ihc boxes in this book were abated, in more than just the raw material sense, from trees.

Band saw box art will spark your interest in woodcraft and kindle vour creative skills. With this

woodworking style, you can liberate vourself from the sale structure of the ruler and free your imagination to be your guide. These fourteen contemporary box designs all require the same basic techniques, yet each one oilers its own personality and degree of work involved. Each project is an abstract representation of a natural form expressed in line craft. I lirough smooth, fluid lines the form conveys an organic sense of motion in the wood while preserving its function as a box. Many talented artisans create many styles of band saw boxes: whimsical, rustic, technical. With this particular style, you will learn how to make the wood move, how to make it grab your eve and pull it around every curve, how co give it life and character.

Chapters one through five detail how co turn out a gallery-quality piece. Years of trial and error have taught me the quickest and easiest ways to perform each step. I think back to when 1 began experimenting with band saw Isoxes and cant believe how many times 1 did it the hard way. I he information in these chapters will spare you the mistakes Ive made, and pragmatic tips are added to simplify the proccss so you can fully enjoy the experience of band saw box art.

The Creativity sidebar in chapter four dispels the myth that creativity is some innate quality that only those few so blessed possess. I ll explain what I did to come up with these designs and how you can do it, too.

The purpose of chapter six is to ease you through the incidentals of each box design. Because the technique involved with this style requires freehand experimentation, I ofter some suggestions and options that will help you save time or add a personal touch. * I lie photos provide you with the basic models as guides co the shaping process.

A brief summation of the steps as detailed in the first five chapters is included with the patterns. It will Ik- easy to copy and lollow


Copyrighted material while in the workshop. You can refer back to the appropriate chap-ten» for tips once you dig into your project.

So be prepared to reveal the artist within bccause your first completed band saw box may be your inspiration. When this happens. take a chance. On impulse, try something with a project that's nor in the plans. l>arc to crcatc a different drawer pull, or cut a curve there instead oi here. I*his is when the creativity that's in us all begins to nudge its way our into the open in its first small ways. The jov you experience the first time you modify an existing design with that little custom something of your own initiates an unexpected growth. From there its just a matter of time before ideas swirl like dust devils right out of the grain of curly cherry. Experiments evolve into successes; successes are perfected. Then, after you bufFthat last coat of finish, you pause in revcrence of the natural beauty of the wood. Smiling with silent satisfaction, you run your hand over the surface of the piece of yourself that shimmers softly before vou. This is the heart of


As a fortv-vear-old and as a kid

/ i at heart, I still love to climb trees. So as a woodworker, pan of my duty is to give back to that which has brought me so much joy and inspiration as well as sustenance. Kach year I take pleasure in planting and nurturing a half-dozen or so saplings in my yard. (Til have one dense forest to climb in thirtv

years!) I use only local» abundant wood species for my work; I do not buy imported, endangered or rainforest species. I finish my projects with natural, pctrolcum-froc oils. I cncouragc woodworkers everywhere to preserve earths arboreal treasures for future generations of tree-climbing kids so diat when their inspiration comes, they can know the pleasure, beauty and art of our craft.



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