American Woodworker A Buyer S Guide

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All Models Jigsaw Amp

Cordless Curves

Milwaukee's model 6267-21 jigsaw has all the power of a corded version, along with features designed for convenience and top performance. The new saw has 4-position orbital action and Quik-Lok" toolless blade changing. The 2-amp-hr. battery can power the saw through 35 ft. of 3/4-in. plywood before recharging is necessary. Street price: about $300, including charger and case.

Corded Trim Saw

Cordless trim saws go where bulky corded circular saws can't. This year, we counted two new models that have followed DeWalt's lead into this category. Panasonic's model EY3503FQWKW is powered by a 12-volt battery and will cut stock up to 113/-j6-in. thick. The saw kit includes a 53/g -in. carbide blade, two 2-amp-hr. batteries, a 15-minute charger and a carrying case. Street price: $269. Craftsman's #27181 cordless trim saw is the lightest saw in this category. Its $249 price includes two batteries, a one-hour charger, an edge guide and case. It is also offered as a package with the Craftsman #27199 cordless drill for $299.

Reciprocating Saws

Long revered for their all-around jobsite versatility, reciprocating saws have joined the cordless ranks. DeWalt's DW938K reciprocating saw sports a 2-amp-hour battery and an electric brake. Street price: S300. Milwaukee's 6516-21 features Quik-Lok blade changing and a 2-amp-hour battery. Street price: about $279.

Old Ryobi Cordless Drill Set

Easy Maintenance

With Makita's new cordless drills, you can replace the motor's brushes without disassembling the drill. Makita makes it easy to replace brushes—you simply remove a screw-in cover plate, remove the old brushes and pop in a new set.

Makita 6233DWAE with replaceable brushes

Craftsman #27199

Motor Brushes For Ryobi Table Saw

Ryobi CTH1802K

Ryobi Scroll Saw
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