0W662K Biscuit Jointer *«h FREE 100

OlV^r 2 HP VS Router 5216.95

0W42Í Sander 569.96

OW 423 $- EVS R'O Sander wiXiL I Oust Collector $88.90 IDW TO ir Cmp. Stt mm*t Free Duet Beg ($18 velue» $679X0 DW991KS-214.4V Combo Drill a Sew Kit mtese . 5339.00 OW 99WS-218V Combo Orlll a Saw Kit wfcase .. 5377.00

OIV 3!?fK 5.8A Jig Saw Kit 5162 00

OM72K4-fiECCN Recon. 12V Ad|. Clch Ctfe W2 Bett. $14850 DYWlK-2-PZOïi Recon. 14V Ad|. CIcK QU vrt Bett $16990

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Wood Working 101

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