Drill Presses

These are the models of choice for chairmakers and others who drill a lot of angled or compound-angled holes. On a radial drill press, the 'head—which includes the motor, quill and pulleys— is mounted on a horizontal tube, called a ram, that can move in and out and rotate in both directions. (See photo, right.) This way you can adjust the bit to bore at any angle you want.

Radial drill presses are great for angle boring. They can even tilt sideways for horizontal boring. And they have larger throat capacities than most standard models. Both floor and benchtop 'models are available.

Sanding drums. A set of different-diameter drums lets you smooth all kinds of curved work.

Cross-slide vise. A vise is the safest way to hold small work. With its screw-controlled adjustments, this accessory for the work table makes it easy to precisely position your work or jig.

Mortising attachment. This cutting tool consists of a bit within a square, hollow chisel. As the tool plunges into the wood, the bit drills the hole and the chisel cleans up the corners and sides. (See bottom photo, above.) The result: a square-edged, flat-bottomed mortise.


New models in red.

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