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The finest selection of hardwoods, veneers, turning squares and hard to find exotics. All in stock and ready for prompt shipping. FREE CATALOG U.S. MAHOGANY CORP. f* 746 Uoyd Road • Aberdeen, Nj 07747 (908) 583-6300 • Fax (908) 583-6303 sure ism S MiatlOfl Ihtt a# and ratal«« 19% Hrtf «rttr. W tSSO.QO miiiaam, txcludn S&H)_____


J100 Y ARO 0RHAMENTS - AnmsJj. brci nam A men □ 25 fir 4 Prc/ïlàVe 'wrO iKbo*' V%HWUC»61 J SHOW STOPPERS II - 22 CrtfS Stt« J DUTCH MN0MILL - 5 fee.Ul. J 200 CREATIVE CUT Patens kr ac'Oi tvan- or J Crwie 20'Que* & Easy" BIRO HOUSES.

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The Complete Guide To Wood Finishing

The Complete Guide To Wood Finishing

Wood finishing can be tricky and after spending hours on building your project you want to be sure that you get the best outcome possible. In The Complete Guide To Wood Finishing you will learn how to get beautiful, professional results no matter what your project is, even if you have never tried your hand at wood finishing before. You will learn about every step in the wood finishing process from a professional wood finisher with years of experience.

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