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air nailers

Single-shot nailing. An air nailer greatly speeds up nailing, and it won't knock pieces out of alignment like a hammer can.

w hether you're fastening a cabinet back, attaching mold ing or cobbling together a jig, there is nothing that speeds up nailing like an air finish nailer. An air-powered nailer drives a nail in a single stroke with the pull of a trigger. It can set a brad or finish nail below the surface of the wood in the same stroke. Air nailers won't knock two aligned surfaces out of place like a hammer will. And the nails that these guns use tend to tear their way through wood rather than splitting it like conventional nails.

Almost any small, %-HP air compressor with a tank will provide the 100 psi necessary to drive a brad gun or finish nailer. You'll also need a pressure regulator for the compressor.

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