Randomorbit sanders

Sanding versatility. Random-orbit sanders work well for flat and contour sanding, and they leave a scratch-free surface.

Random-orbit sanders come in electric or pneumatic (air-powered) models. The pneumatic sanders require a big compressor (5 HP or larger) to run. Both types are sized according to the diameter of the abrasive disc they use. 5-in. and 6-in. models are the most common.

orbit sanders can remove stock aggressively, sand wood to a super-smooth finish, and do plenty of abrasive work in between. With this type of sander, you get power as well as control. Since random-orbit sanders combine rotary and orbital action, they can produce a scratch-free surface, even when sanding across the grain. They do a great job sanding face frames after assembly.

right-angle sanders

Two-hand operation is a must with these models, which are the most powerful among electric random-orbit sanders. Right-angle models are best-suited for aggressive stock removal.

in-line sanders

On this type of sander, the motor is positioned directly above the sanding pad. There are usually two handles, but most in-line models can be used with either one or two hands. This type of random-orbit sander offers a good of power, balance and smooth operation; it's the most versatile of the random-orbit sander types.

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