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• Water cooled SuptrGrind stone can be switched from fast grinding at 220 grit to fne gnnding at 1000 gnt usrg the TOfllCK Stone Grader.

• Gerune leather Super Sharp henrg wheel gently removes the bur and polishes the edge to a raror sharpness.

Europe's favorite wet grinding system.

For caovlata Male 1-80O-5-TORMEX or 1-800-586-7635

TORttEX USA. 14205 W. Waconibi Aw, Elm Orovt. 1153122

Carving Tools That Make A Difference.


There are 5 good reasons why our tools make a difference.

Our new color brochure explains this innovative concept in carving tools. In an arl form as old as wood carving it's hard to create a tool that performs like no other before it. FlexcuV" tools

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