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In AW issue #75, October 1999, we showed you how to build the ultimate tablesaw sled. For small jobs, build this simple and versatile, scaled-down version of a tablesaw sled invented by Frank Gregg. Frank's sled has five sterling qualities:

1. With only three major pieces, it's easy, fast and inexpensive to build.

2. You can make accurate crosscuts on smaller stock.

3. It doubles as a tenoning jig that uses your rip fence for a rail and guide when making cheek cuts.

4. It can be used without removing the blade guard.

5. It stores easily and compactly.

To build the jig, you'll need:

A flat 14 x 18-in. piece of 1/2-in. plywood (9-ply Baltic birch is ideal); a straight piece of 14 x 2 x 1-1/2-in. hardwood; an 18-in. plastic runner that fits your miter slot (available from Woodcraft Supply, (800) 225-1153, or

STEP 1. Place the plastic runner in the miter slot and attach the oversized plywood base with three countersunk 3/4-in. wood screws. STEP 2. Trim the right side of the jig by running it through the left miter slot, then use the other miter slot to trim the left side. STEP 3. Using your large tablesaw sled, square the ends of your jig. STEP 4. Cut the rabbets (Fig. C) on each side of the push block/rail.

STEP 5. Cut a l/8-in.-deep dado across the plywood base. Make the dado as wide as the narrow shoe of the push block/rail and position it so the jig floats 1/8-in. above the table-saw table when it's used as a tenoning jig. STEP 6. Attach the push block/rail to the base with 3-3/4-in. countersunk wood screws and trim the ends by running the jig through both miter slots.

This year, American Woodworker magazine "hit the road" or* what we call the Blue Highway Tour. Our goal was to visit the workshops of exceptional woodworkers and bring some of their best ideas to you. One of our stops was Pallas, Texas, where we met Frank Gregg. In Frank's shop jigs were virtually jumping out of every nook and cranny. The double-duty tablesaw sled you see here is only one of the hundreds of clever solutions to common shop problems that Frank has invented. Consequently, we gave him the honorary title of "The Blue Highway Tour Jiggernaut." M

Major funding for this special project from Ford Motor Co. To learn more, visit

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