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Glue in the splines. They start out loose because they're tapered, making assembly very easy. As you push, they tighten up and lock solidly in place, creating a perfect joint.After the glue dries, cut the excess and sand flush.

The Well-Equipped Shop

Glue in the splines. They start out loose because they're tapered, making assembly very easy. As you push, they tighten up and lock solidly in place, creating a perfect joint.After the glue dries, cut the excess and sand flush.

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American Woodworker MAY2003 37

Stained Glass Panels For Doors

Do-It-Yourself Stained-Glass Doors

Wouldn't it be cool to make your own stained- or beveled-glass panels for cabinet doors? Delphi has good news for you. They've made an introductory video, and it's free to AW readers. It illustrates, step-by-step, how to make a simple panel, from cutting the glass to soldering.

If you really get into it, you can check out their new book; 300 Stained Glass Cabinet Door Designs, $19. The book contains line drawings, installation and design tips, and pictures featuring prairie, Victorian, contemporary, art nouveau, southwest, and nature themes.

Making stained- or beveled-glass panels for cabinet doors requires some basic glass-specific tools. A starter kit is available from Delphi for $190. Once you have the tools, the cost of materials for a 14-in. x 24-in. beveled-glass panel averages $35.

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Let us drain. Sharpen.

Leave the dirty work to us. The

John Deere Maintenance Plan Plus program. Enjoy two annual maintenance services with Genuine John Deere Parts, plus a third year of extended protection. Add to that, Online Service Scheduling and John Deere Ready-To-Mow mobile service and you can maintain your tractor without even walking out of your front yard.

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How It Works

Dust produced by sanding is immediatly sucked away through holes located in the sandpaper, the bottom of the sanding pad, AND around the outside edge of the pad (a FEIN exclusive). The extracted dust is contained by a powerful vacuum.

Unbeatable Finishes

When you sand with normal sanders, your sander ends up riding on a bed of dust and broken abrasive. With the FEIN Sanding System, this "bed" of dust doesn't exist. Your paper cuts faster, cleaner, and lasts up to 10 times longer.

Automatic Vacuum When you turn your FEIN sander on, the vacuum starts. When you switch your sander off, the vacuum stops automatically. The FEIN Turbo II Vacuum is built to handle large amounts of super-fine dust.

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The Well-Equipped Shop

Bifocal Safety Glasses

Safety glasses are must-have shop equipment. Wizard Industries' Shop Specs ($20) protect your eyes and provide magnification for up-close layout and measuring work.

Shop Specs have all the important safety features, such as impact-resistant lenses and side shields. But the best feature of Shop Specs is the magnification lens set into the lower half of the glasses. With Shop Specs, you can see small details and have full eye protection.

Shop Specs come in the same correction range as standard reading glasses, from +1.0 to +3.0 diopters in .5 increments. If you don't need reading glasses, order a +1 diopter. Shop Specs will not replace standard prescription glasses.

The temples on the Shop Specs can be adjusted to fit your head, and the lenses can be inclined to a position that's comfortable for you.

Comparable safety glasses with adjustable temples and inclined lenses, but lacking magnification, cost about $7 less. /W

Dust-Free Sanding

Eliminate hazardous dust BEFORE it becomes airborne

Airborne dust is now being recognized as a major health hazard. Imagine sanding in a dust-free environment, where 98% of the dust created by sanding is contained.

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American Woodworker

40 American Woodworker MAY2003

by George Vondriska

40 American Woodworker MAY2003


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