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Indian Bowl" by lohn LTimby, Deining Ne* Mexico. BlooJwooa, purple heart, maple, wcnjc. Dimensions: H: lx/l in., Dia: 8 in.

Linen cabinct by Gregg Zall, Sebastopol, California. Douglas fir, dotmie, haxjwotxl, cedar.

"Looking Back" writingdwb Ky Jon Alley, Churcbvillc, Pennsylvania. Maple, applewoocl, vermilion (purpleheart), Dimensions: I I: 49 in., L 38 in., D: 19 in.

"Looking Back" writingdwb Ky Jon Alley, Churcbvillc, Pennsylvania. Maple, applewoocl, vermilion (purpleheart), Dimensions: I I: 49 in., L 38 in., D: 19 in.

Mirror by Rojer 1 lowaril Smith, New South ale», Australia. Australian Ottlar. Dimensions: H: 32 in* W: 24 in., I>. 2X/l in.

I Wan hollow form by I erry Mari i 11, QuecruLknci Anralia. Spallcd and grab-eaten pecan. I )imerwon*: Dia; 10 in.

Model truck by John Smith, British Columbia, Canada. Walnut, maple, chcrryf mahogany, bra*». Dimrnfioni: II: 11 '/i in., V: 12!4m,L:33 in.

"Bird Cabinet" by Gregg Zall# 5eba*topol, California. European cherry, nutmeg, maple, chantiqueero (a Peruvian hardwood}. Dimensions: 11:40 an* \Y': 12m J): 10 in.

Want to see your work in "Gallery?" Send color slides or color transparencies to -Gallery," American Woodworker, 33 E. Minor St., Emmaus, PA 18098. Please include: materials, dimensions, name of photographer, your name, address, and phone number. We ll pay you $25 if we publish your work. If you want your photos returned, enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Beware the Patent Pirates

Like most woodworkers, at one time or another you've probably dreamed of hitting it rich by patenting and marketing some clever woodworking gadget. But beware: it's an endeavor fraught with problems, not the least of which is protecting your idea from patent pirates.

John Cantlin learned this lesson the hard way last year when he found himself in court battling Taiwanese knockoffs of his Ml'LTI-STOP, an adjustable stop for woodworking machines. Cantlin had to hire a patent attorney and fight for

A patent doesn't guarantee protection from kuork-ofls, as Jolm Cantlin, inventor of the MULTI-STOP. almve. hi» l«»arne«l.

more than a year before the U.S. International Trade Commission ordered the imitators to stop. While the suit was going on, the knock-offs depressed sales of the original MIJLTI-STOP by as much as SO percent. said Cantlin.

Unauthorized knockoffs have long been a problem for inventors and entrepreneurs. The International Trade Commission handles about a dozen cases each year, and Cantlin savs lie's heard from several wood-

working inventors who've been in situations similar to his. His advice to would-be inventors? "You just better have a good patent, and you better be willing to fight" to defend it.

Got Any Good jokes?

Heard the one about the woodworker and the virgin redwood? Well, we won't get into that one, but if you've got any (printable) jokes or humorous true stories about woodworking, send them in. We'll pick the best and run a tribute to the lighter side of woodworking in a future issue. You can FAX jokes or cartoons to American Woodworker at 215-967-8956, or write us at 33 E. Minor St., Hmmaus, PA 18098.

If you have a news item, anecdote or opinion you think belongs in "Final Pass,wsend to American Woodworker, 33 E. Minor St., F.mmaus, PA 18098.

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