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Using The Correct Moisture Meter Can Assure Quality Wood Products!

Economical Inserts

Commercially made zero-clearance inserts cost about $20. I make mv own for less than $3 from 3/8-in.-thick polyethylene cutting boards, which are flat and rigid. A 14-in. x 17-in. cutting board ($10 at a discount department store) yields four inserts.

14 American Woodworker may 2006

After rough-sawing the blank on my handsaw, I attach the saw's insert with double-faced tape. Then I rout die blank to final size using a flush-trim bit. I drill 11/64-in. pilot holes and install the adjustment screws, which are 3/8-in.-long #10-24 Allen-head set screws

(about 40 cents each at a hardware store). Raising the blade through the polyethylene to cut the zero-clearance slot, leaves plastic curls around die edge. They're easily removed by filing or sanding.

Paul Boutin

Circle No. 163

Assure the quality of your manufactured wood products with the Wagner iVIlVIG 220 Digital Moisture Meter.

Perfect for furniture & cabinet makers, flooring manufacturers & installers, architects, inspectors, contractors, & engineers.

Includes: The Wagner Moisture Measuring Reference '' ; 4 Library CD!

Other models available:



Testing the cure of Waterborne Finishes

Board-Stretching Joint

I bought a planer/molder so I molding, but all 1 had to make it were could make my own moldings. My liv- 12-ft. boards. I didn't want to setde ing room required one 28-ft.-long for separate 12-ft. molding sections h*-4 UNITS-*H

mitered during installation. I wanted Lhis molding to be one continuous piece.Joining the boards with diagonal scarf joints before molding them was the solution.

To make a scarf joint, lay out the angles using at least a 4-to-l ratio—4 in. of run for every 1-in. rise. Increasing the ratio strengthens the glue joint. The joint will be inconspicuous if you match the boards' grain direction and patterns. Use your band-saw or a sabersaw to cut the angles. Then joint the edges by attaching a fence and routing with a flush-trim bit.

Glue the boards togedier on a flat surface. Install the clamps perpendicular to the joint lo keep the pieces from sliding; You may have to notch the edges of the boards' to hold the clamps at the propei' angle.


You won't find any cheap, breakable, plastic parts in this heavy duty staple gun. Made right here in the U.S.A. of 100% a steel, this gun is rugged, durable and 100% reliable. An ^^

easy squeeze mechanism helps make your job easier too. And it's from the company that's been ^ J

making staple guns for over 75 years.

No wonder it's America's favorite. ^^^r

Available at home centers, lumber yards, hardware stores and wherever fine tools are sold.

Arrow Fastener Co., Inc., 271 Mayhill 5treet, Saddle Brook, NJ 07663. Canada: Jardel Distributors, Inc., 6505 Metropolitan Blvd., East, Montreal, Quebec H1P1X9. United Kingdom: Arrow Fastener (U.K.) Ltd, Unit 5 ZK Park. 23 Commerce Way, Croydon CRO 4ZS Surrey.

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18 American Woodworker may 2006

18 American Woodworker may 2006

Voted "Best New Tool" for its tremendously innovative and easy to use features, the all-new JET® Parallel Clamp simplifies clamping action with its exclusive Clutch Design and Slide-Glide™ Trigger. See your next set of clamps in action at a quality JET woodworking dealer nearest you or atjettools.com/aw

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Deep-Reach Handscrew

Recently, a friend asked me to reglue the buckled veneer in a tabletop. The problem was located too far from the edge to clamp with my longest handscrew, so I added wooden lingers to nearly double its reach. I made the fingers of 3/4-in. hickory, though you could use any hard, stiff wood. I fastened them with l-l/2-in.-long No. 14 screws. The fingers rcduce the jaw capacity by 1-1/2-in., down to 3 in. on my 8-in. handscrew. Longer fingers on a larger handscrew should be thicker to minimize deflection. To screw on the fingers, 1 open the jaws wide, like a yawning cartoon alligator.

Leif Scott

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