The Procedure For Gluingup Panels

Blanket Chest Woodworking Plans

There's a paradox in woodworking: the basic techniques (the ones that appear to be easy) are usually the most difficult to master. For example, the first time I had to glue several narrow boards together to form a wide panel (which I thought should to be a relatively easy task), I wound up making a whole series of mistakes.

My first problem was wanting to get it done . . . quickly. But gluing boards edge-to-edge to form a wide panel requires patience. The result must be a panel that looks finished — not like just a bunch of boards glued together.

All of the projects shown in this issue require wide "panels" of solid wood. In fact, it's a basic requirement of almost every woodworking project.

The Complete Guide To Wood Finishing

The Complete Guide To Wood Finishing

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