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The Accu-Miter is the ultimate professional miter gauge. Built to last through years of serious work, demanding craftsmen love the precision, accuracy and convenient features. Tapered shotpin mechanism assures dead-on accuracy. Adjustable bar provides perfect fit to your saw. Telescoping inner fence and micro adjusting flipstop makes cross cutting a breeze. For more information, call 800-480-7269 or visit www.thejdscompany.com Circle 19.

KELLER & CO. The Keller dovetail system gives you easy and accurate dovetails for custom or production woodworking. Quick setup, no test cuts, unlimited widths & lengths make dovetail joinery very enjoyable for you. For more information, call 800-995-2456 or visit www.kellerdovetail.com Circle 130

LEIGH INDUSTRIES Leigh offers router joinery jigs, including the D4 Dovetail Jig, which cuts Through, Half-blind and Sliding dovetails up to 1" thick. They also make jigs for mortise & tenons, finger joints and Isoloc™ joints. For more information, call 800-663-8932 or visit www.leighjigs.com

LIGNOMAT Lignomat offers two lines of hardwood moisture meters, with and without pins. Ask about our free brochure to find out which instrument best suits your needs. For more information, call 800-227-2105. Circle 134.

McFEELY'S Square Drive Screws stocked in more sizes and styles than you can imagine! Plus clamps, saw blades, router bits and other woodworking essentials.

For more information, call 800-443-7937 or visit www.mcfeelys.com Circle 140.

MILLER DOWEL CO. The Miller Dowel is a revolutionary all-wood fastener that combines the advantages of natural joinery with the ease of use of nails or screws. £or more information, call 866-966-3734 or visit www.mlllerdowel.com Circle 23.

MINWAX EASY WEEKEND PROJECTS BOOKLET This attractive 12-page guide contains easy wood finishing and home decorating projects you can do in a weekend. Also featured are helpful tips and techniques on wood maintenance and repair. Free. For more information, visit www.mlnwax.com Circle 25.


Manufacturers of stock and custom wood parts such as table legs, tapered legs, balusters, newel posts made from alder, cherry, maple and oak. Free catalog. For more information, call 800-849-8876 or visit www.osbornewood.com Circle 146

OUTWATER PLASTICS INDUSTRIES, INC. Outwater offers 40,000+ woodworking products at the lowest prices! Extrusions, furniture & cabinet components, wood carvings, lighting, casters, laminates, moulding & millwork, hardware and more! Call 800-772-1400 (Catalog Requests)/800-631-8375 (Sales & Info) or visit us at www.outwater.com Circle 147

POLYMERIC SYSTEMS, INC. Quikwood Epoxy Putty Stick - Hand mixable polymer repair bonds to wood, metal and more. Shape it/Sculpt it. Hardens in minutes. Then sand, drill and paint it. For more information, visit us at www.epoxysticks.com. Circle 149.

ROCKLER Rocker is the #1 resource for hinges, slides and other hard-to-find hardware. We feature an exclusive line of jigs, shop tables for band saws, drill presses, routers as well as exotic and domestic hardwoods. For more Information, call 800-403-9736 or visit www.rockler.com. Circle 151.

SPACEBALLS Black Bridge Online has a simple solution to panel movement in cabinet doors ..Spaceballsl When Spaceballs are inserted into the dados of the stiles and rails, when constructing solid wood panel doors, panels will be centered and cracking of glue joints is significantly reduced and "panel rattle" is eliminated. For more information, call 800-826-8912 or visit www.black-bridgeonline.com. Circle 108.

STOCKROOM SUPPLY Canada's largest mail-order sandpaper distributor. Developer of V-Drum Sander, Sanding Mop, Mini-Mop, Kllngspor Distributor, Drum Sander DIY Parts. For more information, call 877-287-5017 or visit www.stockroomsupply.com. Circle 159.

TURBINAIRE Turbinate offers a complete line of Turbine and Compressor HVLP Spray Equipment. The unique built-in speed controller on Turbinaire variable speed turbines provides the versatility to control the air output based on the material being sprayed; reduce air for light bodied coatings and increase air for heavy bodied coatings. For more information, call 800-866-HVLP or visit www.Turbinalre.com. Circle 35.

WOODWORKERS SOURCE Over 25 years of experience supplying woodworkers more than 100 woods from around the world - lumber, turning stock, and veneers. Quantity discounts, worldwide shipping and guaranteed satisfaction. Comprehensive website includes detailed Information on each wood and provides for ordering exotic and domestic hardwood online. For more information call us at 1-800-423-2450, Extn. 110 or visit our website for the www.woodworkerssource.com. Circle 168

Boolean Tools

These are a special kind of trim tool. The term Boolean comes from the world of algebra, but simply put, a Boolean tool adds or subtracts one object from another. It's a very powerful and fun tool to use. There are three basic types of Boolean tools: One joins two shapes together; the second subtracts one shape from another (shown at right); the third type subtracts everything except the space where shapes overlap.

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