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Master Boat Builder Martin Reid reveals all of the his best secrets, tips, and tricks for top-quality boat-building in this ebook course on how to build you own amazing boat. You will get access to over 518 step-by-step plans for building the boat of your dreams. You will also get access to video courses on how to make a boat for yourself that can sail whatever waters you choose like a champion. No previous building experience is needed! You can get started building the boat that you want without ever having built a boat or anything else before! All you need is this ebook guide and the simple tools and materials that are called for in the book, then you can just follow the directions and start making your own sea-going vessel; it can be as large or small as you want! Start making your own boat with Martin Reid's expert guidance! Read more...

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Highly Recommended

I've really worked on the chapters in this book and can only say that if you put in the time you will never revert back to your old methods.

All the modules inside this e-book are very detailed and explanatory, there is nothing as comprehensive as this guide.

3D Boat Design Software Package

This software is designed to be used by the beginner to design software, while still offer the full range of capabilities that top-quality design software offers. Our top of the line boat design software gives you a frustration-free way to make beautiful 3D renderings of boats that you plan to make. You will be able to make a 3D blueprint of your boat and predict everything that you will need to build that boat. Over 190,000 design professionals use this software, as it is designed for the person that is interested in one thing: designing and building boats. You are not a software programmer; this software is for you, to make the process as easy as humanly possible. You can create top-quality, professional designs with the ease of checking email and Facebook. Our software provides the best value and simplicity available on the market today; all you need to do is design! Read more...

3D Boat Design Software Package Summary

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Dover Books On Woodworking And Carving

Carving Tropical Fish, Anthony Hillman. (27094-7) 6.95 Making Authentic Shaker Furniture, John G. Shea. (27003-3) 11.95 Carving Birds of Prey, Anthony Hillman. (27305-9) 6.95 How to Build Wooden Boats, Edwin Monk. (27313-X) 7.95 Making Authentic Pennsylvania Dutch Furniture, John G. Shea.

Great American Wood

White oak is the perfect choice for a wide variety of applications. Woodworkers admire the beauty of its quartersawn grain. Boat builders take advantage of its strength and rot resistance. The warship USS Constitution, launched in 1797, was nicknamed Old Ironsides because cannon balls bounced off her thick white oak hull. Completely restored in the 1990's, she still sails the Boston Harbor. Although only 15 percent of the ship's wood is original, the keel-18-in. by 30-in. by 160 ft is made of Lhe same four white oak timbers laid down over two centuries ago.

Building a Lidded Tool Roll

Building Woodworkers Tool Chest

When boat builder and rigger Kit Africa, of Port Townsend, Washington, decided to create a lidded tote for his rigging and ship's carpentry tools, he set specific goals The box had to be strong, durable and commodious, and hold his tools readily accessible. Yet, to be accommodated aboard ship, it also had to fit into the smallest possible space.

Natural Bristle Brush

Bandas Para Asegurar Material Pallet

Exterior varnish or urethane (both finishes are technically varnishes ) builds a protective layer over the wood. It offers superior protection and durability over an oil finish. Often, the term Spar is found in the name, but this does not indicate any additional or special ingredient. The term Spar originates with its use as a coating for the spars on sailing ships. All exterior varnishes are formulated to protect against moisture and UV radiation.

Common Softwoods

Uses Exterior siding and boat building. Interior and exterior trim, beams, flooring, cabinetry and paneling. Source Mississippi delta region of the United States Characteristics Straight, even grain pattern with low resin content. Naturally resistant to deterioration from UV sunlight, insects and moisture. Workability Machines and sands easily Finishing Takes stains and clear finishes well Price Inexpensive where regionally available Uses Indoor and outdoor furniture, veneers and trim, boat-building Sources Central and South America Uses Boat-building, indoor and outdoor furniture, veneers, flooring Sources Southeast Asia, Africa, Caribbean

The Ss Woodsmith

There is a bright side to your problem, though. WoodenBoat is a magazine that's published in Maine that deals with the design, construction, and care of wooden handcrafted boats. This is an excellent publication and we recommend it very highly to anyone interested in woodworking as it applies to boat building.


CLASSESAVORKSHOPS Port Townsend July 8-12. Build your own seachest Dan Packard. July 13-21. Build a baidarka. July 22-23. Carving Aleut paddles. Both taught by Corey Freedman. July 27-August 4. Building the Norse Faering Jay Smith. August 26-30. Woodworking for women Julia Maynard. The Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding. (360) 385-4948. Seattle Year-round. Classes on hand tools, dovetails, router basics, boatbuilding, marine finishes. The Wooden Boat Shop. (BOO) 933-J600.

First Prize

Ejler Hjorth Westh

Ejlcr Hjorth-Wcsth started his carccr in wood as a boat builder and today works full-time as a fine-work carpenter. But when it comes to furniture he's still an amateur. Indeed, he says, I want to stay true to my amateur status. 'Amateur' meaning the root of the word as a lover of the craft.

Natural Bristle

Exterior varnish or urethane (both finishes are technically varnishes ) builds a protective layer over the wood. It offers superior protection and durability over an oil finish. Often, the term spar is found in the name, but this does not indicate any additional or special ingredient. The term spar originates with its use as a coating for tha spars on sailing ships. All exterior varnishes are formulated to protect against moisture and UV radiation. An epoxy sealer with exterior varnish topcoats is the most durable, but also the most labor-intensive finish you can apply to outdoor furniture. This is the finish favored by boat builders so you know it's going to last a long time. Epoxy and exterior varnish enjoy a symbiotic relationship The epoxy forms an impenetrable moisture barrier that prevents seasonal swelling and shrinking of the wood. This dimensional stability, in turn, gives longer life to the exterior varnish because it no longer has to stretch and shrink with the wood The...

By Stephen H Blenk

People have worked wood since long before Noah took up boat building, but it's only been in our lifetimes that they've started looking at the toll woodworking takes on the lungs. We now know that silicosis, various cancers, mold infections and emphysema are all linked to exposure to sawdust. And the chemicals we use in finishing wood only compound the dangers. It's clear woodworkers need to protect themselves the question is what works best

Eye Ear Protection

Whether it's a seat belt in your car, a life jacket in your boat, or goggles and earplugs in your shop, if safety gear is a hassle, we're less likely to use it. Although few woodworkers would dispute the importance of eye and hearing protection in the woodshop, even fewer actually do anything about it. The grim reality is that even the smallest flying chip can cause serious eye injury and noise-induced hearing loss is permanent no surgery or medication can bring it back.

Boating Secrets Uncovered

Boating Secrets Uncovered

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