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Supplies for the projects featured in this issue are available at local woodworking stores or the mail order sources at right. Here's some information you need to know when purchasing your supplies.


To build the end table on page 6, all the hardware you'll need are two bail pulls, some nylon glide tape for the drawers, and a few woodscrews. (For a complete list, see page 15.)

The bail pulls we chose have a 2" bore (the center-

to-center distance between the mounting posts). And the nylon tape is about Vie" thick. These items are available from one of the mail order sources at right

ROUTER BITS. Besides the hardware, there are several "special" router bits you'll need when building the end table. To rout the bead profile on the sides of the case and on the curved edging, we used a W-radius beading bit, see sources at right. However, there are a few other beading bits currently available that will also work, see

Beading Bit. To create the beads on the end table, we used a 3132"-radius beading bit.

Ogee Fillet Bit. A l5/s"-dia. ogee fillet bit routed the profile on the edges of the table top.

Beading Bit. To create the beads on the end table, we used a 3132"-radius beading bit.

Ogee Fillet Bit. A l5/s"-dia. ogee fillet bit routed the profile on the edges of the table top.

sources at right (These bits will have a radius slightly larger or smaller than 3/fe".)

The other special bit we used on the end table was an ogee fillet bit that created the profile on the edge of the top panel. The bit we used here was an Amana bit #54114. The large diameter of this bit is 1%", and if s cutting height is 3/4'' with y4"-rad. curves. This and similar bits are available from the sources at right.

FINISH. To finish the end table, I chose an oil-based varnish — Behlen's "Rock-hard Table Top" varnish, see list at right Behlen also produces a reducer for thinning the first coat This thinner is designed specifically for their varnishes.

I've also included several mail order sources that carry finishing supplies for rubbing out a finish.


If you're interested in making a lot of picture frames, there are a number of sources that offer framing supplies, see list at right.


When designing the hardware storage system on page 28, we tried to use only hardware and supplies that are commonly available at local hardware stores and home centers.

To build the storage system, you'll need to find the following items: •fflV'x 12" Steel Rod

• (28) #2 x V4" Rh Screws (for card holders)

• (98) #16 x%" Wire Brads PLASTIC BINS. Though we included plans for several small, shop-made storage bins, we sized the shelves in the drawers to hold some plastic bins we found at a local hardware store. They are also available from the source at right. E3


Similar project supplies and hardware may be ordered from the following companies:

Lee Valley 800-871-8158

V^rad. bead, bit, "Rubbing out" supplies, Picture frame supplies

McFeely's 800-443-7937

Plastic hardware bins, W-rad. bead, bit, Ogee fillet bit

MLCS 800-533-9298

Rockier Woodworking 800-279-4441

'h'-rad. bead, bit, Ogee fillet bit, End table hardware,

Woodhaven 800-344-6657

Woodworker's Supply 800-645-9292

Ogee fillet bit, Behlen's Varnish, "Rubbing out" supplies, Picture frame supplies


To order hardware kits or shop drawings from Woodsmith Project Supplies, please use our Toll Free order line, see below. If s open Monday through Friday, from 8 AM to 5 PM Central Time. Before calling, please have your VISA MasterCard, or Discover Card ready.

If you would like to mail in your order, call the number below for more information concerning shipping charges as well as any applicable sales tax.


When ordering, please use Key W121

Note: Prices subject to change after April 1999.


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