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When making small drawers, I sometimes use the bottom of the drawer as a stop. Simply make the drawer bottom a bit wider (longer) so that it extends out the back of the drawer, hitting the back of the case and stopping the drawer.

By starting with an extra wide drawer bottom, you can plane material off the back edge a little at a time until the drawer stops where you want it to.

You can use this technique with plywood or hardboard drawer bottoms as well. Just trim the bottom to the correct width at the table saw before permanently installing it in the drawer.

Box Joint Drawer Bottom

Built-in Drawer Stop. Cut the drawer bottom extra-long, so that it extends well beyond the back and sides of the drawer.





Trim back edge of bottom as needed


Built-in Drawer Stop. Cut the drawer bottom extra-long, so that it extends well beyond the back and sides of the drawer.

Trim to Fit. Trim the back edge of the drawer bottom to contact the back of the case when the drawer is closed.

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Dado Blades and Benchtop Saws

Ql have a benchtop table saw and I wanted to know if I can use a dado blade with it? If so, what's the best type of blade to buy?

Wyatt Delay St. Paul, Minnesota

A Although a bench-top table saw can perform many of the same tasks as a larger, contractor's saw, there are a couple of things to consider when it comes to using a dado blade with a benchtop saw. The first is the power of the motor. And the second is the length of the arbor,

POWER. Because a dado blade is heavier and

Some benchtop saws have short arbors. The one shown here will only hold the outer blades and a couple of chippers.

removes more material than a standard saw blade, it requires more power. But most bench-top saws use small, universal motors that aren't as powerful as the motors on larger saws.

Because of this, it's a good idea to use a 6"-dia. dado blade on a benchtop saw. The smaller diameter means less weight and less torque required to turn the blade.

Since the majority of dadoes you're likely to cut are under 3/4" deep, this shouldn't be a problem, A 6"-dia. dado blade has more than enough capacity for most dadoes.

LENGTH OF ARBOR. But power isn't the only consideration when using a dado blade. The other thing you'll wantto check is the length of the arbor on your saw, which will dictate the width of the dado blade you can use (photo at left).

A good way to determine this is to measure the length of the arbor and then subtract the thickness of the nut.

If the arbor on your saw is relatively short, you probably won't be able to use a "wobble" type dado blade, like the


Arbor nut should thread completely on arbor


Arbor nut should thread completely on arbor

Adjustment hub is too thick for a short arbor

A wobble blade, shown on the left, has a thick hub that won't fit a short arbor. But the same arbor will hold a portion of a stacked dado blade.

one shown above, since the hub is too thick to allow the nut to thread onto the arbor.

With a stacked dado blade, like the one shown on the right, this isn't as much of a concern. Even if you can't fit the entire dado stack on the arbor, you can use the two scoring blades and one or two chippers.

This means you may need to make a couple passes for wider dadoes. But overall, it's a small price to pay for the convenience of being able to use a dado blade. ES

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Stacked Dado Blade

Scoring blades on outside total Va or less

Chippers in center are each

Fire Hydrant Repair

Arbor nut

Stacked Dado Blade

Chippers in center are each

Arbor nut


Add as many chippers as arbor will

Scoring blades on outside total Va or less hardware & supplies

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